God + Spirituality + Life

Our Communal Values:

We value process, openness and discovery. As people make meaning for themselves, they are invited to connect sacred stories and teaching with personal experience. 

We value relationship and non-coercive communication that allows people to move into new dimensions of understanding and faith, through wonder and conversation.

Multi Faith Relations:

The United Church of Canada views the religious practice of all people of goodwill with respect and gratitude. We acknowledge the Spirit of God is at work in many different faith communities.

For Christians, Jesus is the way we know God. Our understanding is nonetheless limited by human imagination. God is greater still and works in our world by a mysterious Spirit that knows no distinction at the doorway of a Christian chapel; Buddhist, Hindu, or Sikh temple; Aboriginal sweat lodge, Muslim mosque, or Jewish synagogue.

As individuals we work together with other Christian churches whenever possible, and among people of other religions in Canada and throughout the world, on matters of justice, peace, and human dignity.

Today, difference is everywhere around us, and we believe a great cause for celebration.